About Us

Welcome to Little Da vinci!


"Fly with your creative imagination"

Not just limited to basic drawing, We Explore variety of art materials to seek great experiences for kids to build his or her own creativity sense.


Little Da vinci Art studio is open to children age 4 to 17 and as well as the entire community.  The Studio will provide quality art instruction taught by professional artists and is a welcoming place for students and artists at a variety of skill levels.


  Studio Hours

     Monday 11:30 - 7:00
                                                                     Tuesday 3:00 - 7:00                                                                                                                                      Wednesday 11:30 - 7:00                                                                                                               Thursday  Closed                                            
       Friday  11:30 - 7:00
    Saturday 10:30 - 3:00

1343 W Valencia Dr. #A,  Fullerton CA 92833

          714 615 0684





Connie Chung - Director

  •  Master in Studio art, Oriental Painting  - Sung Shin Women's University in Seoul, Korea
  •  Master of Interior/ Architecture program studied in UCLA

" The visual arts give children the power to identify, understand and influence their own visual environment, empowering them as members of a local, national and global community. Through art education, I hope to help bring students in touch with the world of art appreciate my ability to navigate the wealth of visual stimuli I encounter everyday. I hope to import all that I have learned through the visual arts to my students as an art educator."


Anthony Caropino - Art Instructor

  • Bachelor in Film -  California Institute of the Arts

"The reason I started teaching was due to the influence of two instructors I greatly admire, Corny Cole and Marjan Hormozi. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study under them. As a student I never felt intimidated or embarrassed to ask questions or speak my mind, in fact, they encouraged students to engage in conversations about art and their personal work. Corny once told me that he did not think of himself as a teacher and us his students, instead he thought of us all as artists he just had more experience and he wanted to share those experiences with us. Through both Marjan and Corny I learned to love art and art history. I learned a great deal of technical drawing and composition practices, but they always stress the importance of concept. Corny and Marjan loved art. They loved teaching, and they took great care in their student's education and ambition. I never heard from them, "You can't do that," they encouraged experimentation. In my classes I would like to share with my students all that I have learned from Corny and Marjan, as well as, what I have learned on my own. "

Ashley Deanna Perez - Art Instuctor

  • Bachelor in Fine Art, Digital media and Concept Art - Otis Collage of Art and design
  • Walt Disney Feature Animation Studio

"As a fellow Illustrator and Character Designer, I hope to motivate students to draw what they love, and help them prepare for the future as storyteller's, artist's, and creative thinker's.  furthermore, I will invest my time in teaching them the importance of basic fundamentals, acting, purpose and storytelling through their works of art. Before I went to art school, I was inspired by many artist's and animations, which influenced to me draw from my imagination such as; Walt Disney films, anime, Hayao Miyazaki, and Mary Blair. Even though, this motivated me to become an illustrator and character designer as a profession. Going to art class and college allowed me to explore diverse art styles, color, and communication among other students. Walt Disney once quoted, "Whatever you do, do it well," and I hope student's will follow this example and help the future generation of artists ahead."

Kristofer Schweitzer - Art Instructor

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts -  California State University Long Beach  
  •  Illustration studied - Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany

"I hope to extend my knowledge and enthusiasm in the practice of design, drawing, and painting as a way for students to critically think, learn, problem solve, experiment, and explore their own ideas and vision. Looking, thinking, and acting with focused intellectual intent is to train in visual problem solving and at the forefront of any art project. In this art practice, I will also always encourage curiosity of the student's own interests, personal expression of subject, and ways to communicate in art."